Monday, January 14, 2008

Wow, do I feel silly!

I went to the eye dr last week to get my prescription checked. I figured I needed new contacts - after wearing the virtually the same prescription since I was 14. I figured that the dreaded middle-age vision problems were already starting to hit me. Ugh.

Well, the dr checked my eyes and my contacts and had me do all the various tests. Then when he handed me back the contacts, he told me to switch eyes with them. Yes, evidently I've been wearing them in the wrong eyes for months now!! Who knows how long? The funny thing is, that the left eye can seemingly see fine out of either contact, but the right eye is much better now that they are switched back. Still not perfect, so I'm getting a new pair (one contact is 8 years old, the other probably 15, so, its about time to retire them into reserve status).

The dr promised that the new contacts would have some sort of dot or hole to keep me from switching them.



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