Thursday, January 24, 2008

Pie in the Face!

A had his Cub Scout pack meeting tonight. The one he's been waiting for for months - where he gets to pie a leader in the face (the prize for selling over $500 worth of popcorn).

First 2 of the leaders had a pie demonstration. The straight-forward pie in the face, the pie from below, the pie on top of the head, etc.

Here is the "pie sandwich".
When I've seen this done before, they've used whipped cream. Not tonight - it was shaving cream. Yuck!

A's leader, Ms. S, whom he chose to pie. She's ready!

Now, she's really ready, holding the nose and all.

The pie to the side of the face. A certainly looks like he's having fun!
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The aftermath...

I wanted a picture of A with Ms. S, but he kept edging away, afraid she would smear him with "pie", so she got her messy hands out of the way.
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