Tuesday, March 18, 2008

A's very long sentence

One part of A's homework each week is to use his spelling words in a sentence.  A was quite happy when he discovered that he didn't have to write a different sentence for each word, but could use several words in one sentence.  He has to use 15 of his 20 words in sentences.  He always manages to get several words per sentence and once he got as many as 9, but this week he hit a home run.  All 15 words in one (LONG) sentence.

In the future a motel will begin behind that hotel near a cabin at the ocean with music owned by a miner and a baker that has crumbs, from the delicious filling pastries that are so tasty.

I think he has a misplaced phrase in there, but WOW.  He puts a lot of effort into getting the maximum number of words per sentence, probably more time and effort than writing more sentences (but with less actual writing, which is what he seems to care about).  A's teacher wishes he would write such interesting sentences in his essays. 

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I love Andrew's sentence, and I was also glad to have a record of the hail in this area. xx Mum-mum

12:25 PM  

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