Sunday, March 09, 2008

Daylight Savings

Daylight savings time always throws me in the Spring, but this year it seems worse than usual as its just too early.  

Dinner was rather late tonight because it was still so bright outside at 6 that I hadn't even thought of fixing anything yet.  And that led to - kids still playing on the Wii at 8:15, even though 8 is supposed to be off the electronics time.

I'll bet we're going to be back to bus time in the dark for A again tomorrow - just when it was finally actually light for his bus.

We'd meant to go to bed a bit earlier last night to get a jump on daylight savings, but that didn't happen...  So I REALLY should make more of an effort tonight.  Wish me luck.



Anonymous Betsy Bird said...

I should try that, although it would take my kids several weeks' allowance to pay off their debts!

7:49 PM  

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