Sunday, March 09, 2008

Super Smash Bros Brawl

The kid's newest diversion:

It was released today and M has been bugging us all weekend about wanting to get it. Finally after checking that Target had it and getting all homework done, (and checking to see whether the Teen rating was one we should be worried about (answer: it doesn't seem to be a problem)), I took the kids to go and buy the game. I was impressed that A voluntarily offered to pay for half the game. I realize that it was perhaps self-interest, in that if A pays for half, then he can rightly argue that he gets equal playing time. But I was still impressed.

M wanted me to live-blog the action in the game, but I'm not going to go that far...

Game looks cool. It has the possibility of playing tournament style with up to 16 or 32 players (depending on something..). Initially they had problems getting the second Wiimote to activate. I found some instructions online that seemed to do the trick.

M and A are having great fun with the game.  They insisted that D and I should try it.  We're both lousy at it.  D managed to kill A once, then A promptly killed him 5 times in a row.  The game is set to 5 kills.  When I played M, I think maybe he died once.  While I died 5 times, at least 2 of those when I managed to let my character get scrolled off the screen.  Oops.  

M wants me to play again.  I told him only if he can give me a handicap.

Later:  M says he set up a handicap, but I think it will only work once I've lost some and am using the same character.  Not sure.  Anyhoo - they wanted me to play again.  

1st game: I played M and lost - Badly.  Not so much that he beat me as that I kept killing myself by falling off the platform.

2nd game: I played A.  Amazing.  I won.  It was a very close game though.  I think he died 5 times to my 4 times.  I also didn't kill myself at all.  Maybe I'm learning...



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