Thursday, March 13, 2008

Our non-M friendly dinner

We had decided that tonight would be a good night to go out to eat, since we wouldn't be bound by constraints of where M would find food he likes.  But then we had a hard time trying to figure out where we did want to go.  I really rather felt like Chinese food, but not a buffet.  But I've never managed to get a recommendation for any Chinese places around here that people like.  It's always something like "well, there's X place, but ..." the food was cold, the service terrible, etc. And we don't get much of a chance to try out Chinese places as they don't serve anything M will eat (except rice - and he doesn't even like white rice anymore, only brown rice).

We finally settled on Jamaican, a little place that we took D's brother and wife to last summer.  D was happy to find that they had roti this time.  It was tasty and reminded me a bit of the Ethiopian meal we had over winter break, although the breads are really not at all similar.

My mom and A came with us.  A ordered curried shrimp.  Unfortunately it was spicy hot, even though the waiter told us only the jerk chicken was hot.  Neither the curried goat nor the curried chicken was particularly spicy, so we're not sure what is up.  Anyway, A ended up sharing out most of his shrimp and trying some of the rest of our meals (and he had too much food anyway since his order was the same size as mine - no kid meals available).

A and I went over to the drink case to find something interesting to drink.  He was aiming for the Snapple, but I convinced him to try one of the more interesting drinks.  He ended up with a pineapple/ginger drink.  It was really good, the kick of the ginger really moderated the sweetness of the pineapple.  D had a sorrel/ginger drink - it was ok, but not nearly as good as A's drink.  I ended up sticking with the traditional gingerbeer, good and spicy!

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