Monday, May 12, 2008

A's new Challenge choices

It's time for A to pick his Challenge classes for next year. As usual, he has more interesting choices than slots to fill. He has 18 classes to rank - of which he will get 3 in the fall. I think most of these classes will be offered again in the spring and he will get to choose again then.

His top choices:

1. Discovering Engineering - Build a robot or design a bridge - it's all engineering. Come explore the engineering world!

2. Out of this World Astronomy - Explore the universe. Discover black holes, quasars, and star nurseries. Is here life on Mars? Take the wildest ride of your life - our of this world - SPACE.

3. Intro to Algebra - Did you know that numbers could really be letters of the alphabet? Join the fun of learning what algebra is really about and how equations work.

4. Inventions - Learn about inventions and inventors through research and class discussions. This class will conclude with the student creating a workable invention.

5. Wonders of the World - Travel the ancient world and learn about the reasons for the great wonders and the awesome architectural feats that occurred to get these amazing wonders to work! Replicate your favorite wonder for a presentation.

6. Math Games - Games from around the world that engage students in activities that are fun but hone skills in measurement, problem solving, critical thinking, and recognizing patterns.

7. Open for Business - Become an entrepreneur and learn the ins and outs of running your own business.

8. Whodunit? - Hone your detective skills to solve mysterious crimes! Learn some old tricks from Sherlock Holmes and new tricks from the pros. The Westing Game will get us started!

9. Those Roaring 20's - Experience the ups and downs of the stock market economics of the 1920's.

10. National Parks - Put on your hiking boots and grab your water bottle. Let's go explore what our National Parks have to offer us.

He didn't really want to put the algebra one quite that high up, but it was highly recommended that he take it this year, so I insisted.

M took several of these when he was in 4th grade: 
  • Inventions - where he built a cat doorbell
  • Wonders of the World - he built the lighthouse of Alexandria (3 ft tall!)
  • Open for Business - he (with more of my help than I really wanted) made 100 cookies, 3 different times to "sell" (with play money) at school
  • Whodunit - M was so interested, he read the whole book before the class started, only to find out that they were not supposed to read ahead

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