Saturday, May 10, 2008


Drama, drama everywhere. But luckily the drama around here is all taking place on the stage and not so much kid drama. We have taken the kids to see 3 plays in the last month.

First it was Cats at the high school. Good show. The kids liked the music and M bought various songs to put on his iPod.

Next came Fiddler on the Roof, put on by M's middle school. I was a little worried about 6th - 8th graders putting this on, but they did a great job. A few rough edges where they didn't have enough strong male voices, but overall quite enjoyable.

Lastly came A Servant of Two Masters, put on in town by Shake at the Lake. Very funny. Lots of current events/local humor, including some that luckily went right over the kids heads. Thank goodness - because some of the comments had me wondering about their "appropriate for all ages" designation. Adding to the hilarity of the play was the fact that it was intermittently raining - not hard, but it kept starting and stopping - and we were outside. So, about every 5 minutes the rain would start up, umbrellas would go up. Then after 2-5 minutes, the rain would stop and the umbrellas would go back down. Up. Down. Up. Down. For 2 hours!

Both kids did fine at all 3 plays, though A did get a little more restless. It's nice to have them both at an age where we can all enjoy plays now.



Blogger Jo said...

I love it when we can take the kids places and enjoy it. Or even the bird, like we did today!

10:47 PM  

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