Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mother's Day, I think

Well, it is Mother's Day and it has been a fine day overall, but not quite what I or anyone expected.

We were awakened early this morning (before 5:30 am) by howling winds and driving rain (coming in our windows). We ran around shutting windows and in the noise of shutting windows in the kids rooms, thunder, long, light-up-the-sky lightening, the kids woke up and were up for the day. D and I tried to go back to sleep. He finally gave up and got up - and then I think I finally did manage to get a little more sleep.

While I was catching a few extra zzz's, he wandered the nearby streets checking on how much damage had been done by the storm. No real damage to our house. Our patio umbrella did take an unauthorized trip to the end of the yard, but it is back in place now in about the same state as before. Initially D couldn't find it and we thought we'd have to traipse through various backyards looking for it, but it was hiding in the brush at the edge of our yard.

One of the neighbors down the street wasn't so lucky - they got a tree resting on their roof:

Other neighbors had large trees or sections of trees come down, but without hitting houses. Virtually everyone had debris all over the yard. After church, we spent over an hour picking up branches and trying to clear the yard and driveway. Of course, its been very windy all day, so there are still branches and pinecones being blown out of the trees (and debris that is already down being blown around more).

After all the yard work, the kids wanted to go swimming. The pool isn't officially open yet, but we've been told it is ready to go. So, since we have a key off we went.

The pool was a little worse off from the storm also, but the kids went in and I spent some time skimming the surface. We had lots of leaves in the pool and M plucked a pine branch off the bottom of the deep end.

M in the water. He decided that maybe he did need a haircut (or at least a bang trim) here soon. He complained he couldn't see for all the hair in his eyes.

A in the pool.

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Blogger Carol P. said...

Wow, I was wondering how you were doing, with all the weather news from around there. Glad you escaped without too much trouble, and I hope the weather lightens up a bit. Are you still in drought conditions, or has that eased with all the weather you've had lately?

11:35 PM  
Blogger Katherine said...

We're really glad to have escaped the worst of the weather issues. Unfortunately, even with all the rain we've gotten (including almost every Sat the Scouts bike rides have been cancelled), we're still in a drought - though only level 3 now, not 4. That means we're allowed to hand water 25 min, twice a week.

9:35 PM  
Blogger Carol P. said...

Bummer! The pictures look pretty green, so maybe the drought will be a memory by next year at this time?

9:49 AM  

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