Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Banner Day for M

Yesterday was a banner day for M!

First up was 6th grade awards in the morning. M got an award for outstanding achievement in Science and another for outstanding effort in Social Studies. I must admit, I had to comment to the SS teacher afterwards that I was glad that he was seeing good effort from M, since at home he seems to put in the minimal effort needed to do well. He does care about doing well, but he doesn't want to do *anything* more than necessary. And he NEVER studies! But, hey, the teacher sees effort in class (and sees results too) so maybe he is doing more at school than home.

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Then in the evening, he had a Court of Honor for Scouts. M received 1 merit badge (art) and 2 increases in rank! He became a Tenderfoot and then moments later Second Class! Way to go M!!

Here he is pinning the rank pins on his dad.

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