Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Getting into the Summer Swing

It's always interesting to change up the schedules, as we are doing now going into summer.

Today was the first day of morning swim practice for the kids. A's freestyle is really looking better this year. All that practice last fall is really paying off for him. I don't know how his times are, but he looks much better. He's even trying to breathe to the side. WOW. And he's hoping to learn to dive this year. We'll work on that once the water's warm enough for me to get all the way in (we went to the pool Monday and I managed to get in up to my waist). M was working on flip turns in practice this morning. He says he gets turned sideways and disoriented during the flip, so he needs to work on it more - maybe starting with just doing flips in the water. He says he's going to work on it - I hope so, because I think he will like how much faster it can be.

Getting time on the computer, especially to compose blog posts is challenging. Especially time when I'm not thinking about bed already.

The kids are on day 3 of their new summer chore schedule. It's working out fairly well - better than when I tried it before. I made up 2 lists and they will swap lists of chores each week. So far, I've been helping them some (especially some that haven't been done recently enough) and providing guidance on what the completed chore should look like (sweeping the LR means sweeping under the chair and end table also). They aren't thrilled with the chores, but they are doing them without too much complaint. It helps that the rule is no computer time until your chores are done - though I decided that I didn't want to be up monitoring computer usage at the crack of dawn, so it's no computer after swim practice until chores. M chose to read for an hour or so this afternoon before doing his bathroom cleaning, but it did get done by mid-afternoon, so its ok by me. I suppose I could be getting my computer time in while they are doing chores, but I find we all do better if I'm either assisting/monitoring them or doing other chores myself.

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Blogger Carol P. said...

Glad things are settling in. We still have 11 more days of school after today. Yes, I'm counting, because I'm looking forward to sleeping past 5:30am. Even 6:30 will feel blissful!

Can you post/email me the chore lists? I'd love to see them and institute something like that for us duckfeeters. E's still a bit young for vacuuming and cleaning bathrooms though. Hmmmmm....

9:58 AM  
Blogger Katherine said...

I'll post the list - that way I'll have reference to it if I lose it too.

I thought A was ready for the vacuuming, but he's still having a bit of trouble with it - so I may have to do some substituting with him. I think he doesn't have the height to push the vacuum properly.

10:22 PM  

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