Friday, May 30, 2008

Chore Lists

Here are our current chore lists:

Week 1:
Monday - sweep kitchen
vacuum kitchen rugs

Tuesday - vacuum living room (incl doormat)
vacuum back hall

Wednesday - clean hall bath

Thursday - clean your bedroom

Friday - parent's choice

Week 2:

Monday - clean master bathroom

Tuesday - parent's choice

Wednesday - sweep front hall and living room

Thursday - clean your bedroom

Friday - sweep kitchen
take recyclables to garage

So far it seems to be working fairly well.  I had thought A was reasonable with the vacuum, but it seems he still has a bit of a problem with it.  So I suppose the vacuum LR and hall will be replaced by a "parent's choice".  And that leads, I suppose, to a question of what is "parent's choice"?  It's for those chores that don't necessarily need to be done every week.  Or that need to be done with a parent.  This week, A and I did some in-depth cleaning of his room and working on his clothes - he tried on about 20 pairs of shorts that were hand-me-downs from M.  M picked up sticks and pine cones in the front yard so we (or maybe M) can mow this weekend.  Future "parent's choice" will probably include working on M's closet with him, sweeping the dining room, sweeping the stairs, scrubbing the front porch and others.

A particularly didn't like sweeping the kitchen this morning.  I'm not quite sure why, but he managed to make it take a loooooooong time.  Of course, he was reading the comics, petting the cat and who knows what else during that time.



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