Sunday, August 17, 2008

Early Adopter Anguish

M seems to be (or at least wants to be) an early adopter of electronics.  He has one of the newish iPod videos (bought it newly refurbished in March), but he has now decided that he "needs" an iPod touch.  He was quite dismayed to discover that while he paid $169 for his 4GB iPod in March, it now goes for only $99.  Which means that I won't let him charge A that much to buy the "old" iPod.  M was hoping to recoup more money to put towards the touch.

This newfound need for a touch is quite new, coming this weekend, but he has been quite busy strategizing.  He has worked several hours for my mom, earning himself $13 this weekend.  Since his early money counts had him trying to earn $15/month, he is doing quite well.

I think M is going to find that an 8GB touch will fill up awfully quickly (as his 4GB iPod has) and that he will wish he had waited and saved just a bit more for the 16GB.  Or that he had waited for another drop in price.  But its probably going to be another "live and learn".

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