Sunday, September 21, 2008

Another Webelos-ree on the books

We had a good time at the Webelos-ree this weekend. We came back tired and dirty, as usual. It was beautiful weather and no major problems. We did have a variety of minor problems, however. Like the ladies bathroom was WAY across a field. NOT fun late at night or first thing in the morning. The air mattress seems to have sprung a slow leak. It blows up fine, but by morning, we were nearly sleeping on the ground. Unfortunately that led to my hip really bothering me, esp on long walks - like, say, across a big field to go to the bathroom.

I have pictures, but I'm too tired tonight to get them uploaded. Hopefully tomorrow, in between prodding A to finish up his astronomy project and practice his speech (3 minutes, withOUT notes!).



Blogger Carol P. said...

Heh -- at Girl Scout events, there's always one bathroom set aside for the men. It's usually a single bathroom/outhouse, far away from anything.

Never gave it a second thought that things would be similar for Boy Scouts. One of the times I'm glad I'm going down girl-path, not boy-path....

12:04 AM  

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