Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Weather has broken

We're finally getting some cooler weather. Actually I suppose you can say that it started on Monday, when it never really got hot, just pleasantly warm. Yesterday was also pleasantly warm, but by yesterday evening, it was getting cool. Cool enough that I was glad to be wearing jeans while standing outside at A's den meeting. Then today came along as cool. Never did really warm up today. It misted off and on all day and never got above the low 70's. I almost wished I'd worn long sleeves. We'll definitely be packing sweatshirts for the Scout campout this weekend. It looks like it will be one of those times where I'll want to change clothes multiple times as it warms up and then cools down again. definitely layers. If I had some of those pants that zip off, it would be the perfect time to wear them!



Blogger Carol P. said...

Fall arrived equally suddenly up here, at least for the moment. On Monday and Tuesday, we were up right at 90 (high fire danger too, with our usual low humidity -- in the teens and lower -- when we get up that hot). Lovely cool nights though.

Yesterday, it hit 63 and our marine layer never melted off. Supposed to be 73 today, but we'll see about the marine layer again. Could be 75, could be low 60s. Cool and potentially drippy over the weekend (just in time for soccer!).

Yep, early fall is definitely on its way here in Oregon too!

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