Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Gas still over $4

Hurricane Ike certainly did a number on the gas prices around here. They jumped about 50 cents a gallon between Thursday night and Saturday morning. Almost every station was over $4/gallon and various stations were out of gas. There seem to be fewer out of gas now, but the average price is still over $4. Tracking the prices it seems that many stations are coming down just a bit - about a third of the stations in our area are now $3.99, but at least half at $4.09 or more, and just a few below $3.99 (though some of those are out of gas).

I'm not planning on filling up any time soon. After all, I now have 2 vans that are almost full of gas! That's not a good reason to hold onto an extra car, but it is there as a backup while I get it cleaned up and then sold.



Blogger Carol P. said...

I saw $3.55 tonight as I was driving home after back to school night. I'm a wee bit far from where you are, though...

12:07 AM  

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