Friday, September 12, 2008

Easy money

I got my account all set up with ING just fine. Then when I was poking around, learning the site, I saw that I can refer people. Hmm - could I refer the kids? Called up ING and they said yes. So, if the kids can come up with $250 to start their account, they get a $25 bonus and I get $10. No brainer.

So, I sent off referral emails to them. And then promptly went and opened A's account because he had just over $250 in his old savings account. Bingo, he now has $25 more. And I have $10 more.

M doesn't have the $250 yet. He's at about $200-210. So he will have to wait until he gets the rest of the money to open his account. He is interested in earning money, but only if its easy. Not manual labor. But there's not much we can think of that he can do for money that doesn't involve manual labor. But if anyone wants to hire a 12 yo to do computer work, M's your kid!

If anyone is interested in opening an account, I can send you a referral - just let me know...

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