Saturday, September 06, 2008

M's hair is longer than mine!

I went yesterday and got my hair cut - I donated 11 inches to Locks of Love.  It wasn't my intention to get my hair shorter than M's, but that's what happened.

Since I can still get my hair into a ponytail, obviously M's hair is long enough for that too - even though he swears it isn't.  It is!  

My hair grows fast.  I had another 11 inches cut off not quite 2 years ago, which I never got around to sending in (oops).  So, now I guess I will be mailing in 2 ponytails.
Looking at these pictures also reminds me of just how much M is growing.  I figure I have until he turns 13 before he's taller than me, but not much longer than that.  And I expect he will be wearing a bigger shoe size than me before then - though so far he is growing steadily, not in huge spurts, so I haven't had the outgrowing shoes in a few months bit (yet).
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