Sunday, August 31, 2008

Tracking Gustav

I've been following the projected path of Gustav fairly closely here the last few days.  I'm glad to see that it has weakened some, but I know how much damage and misery even a minor hurricane can bring.  We weathered hurricane Andrew in Baton Rouge, probably 100 miles from where it came ashore, but still we experienced category 1 hurricane winds.  It was enough to scare me.  It was also mighty unpleasant dealing with no electricity or phone for days on end in south Louisiana heat.  especially in a house where the windows were solidly painted shut!

D finally went about an hour out of town to get us some ice to try to preserve some of our fridge/freezer food.  It took going that far to actually find ice!

But there's a crazy kind of feeling that I hope the hurricane doesn't weaken so much that all those people who took the safe route and evacuated end up feeling silly and over-reacting.  Or that the people who didn't evacuate end up feeling like they did the right thing.  Unfortunately I saw that happen several times while we lived there and since.  I guess I hope that the damage is minimized while people are still aware of just how big a miss they got.

Time will tell, as it looks like we will know where it hit and with how much strength by this time tomorrow.  Meanwhile I'll be praying for all those in the way of Gustav.



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