Saturday, August 30, 2008

Maxing out the card

In this case it was the library card.  Our library shut down recently to prepare for construction work - they moved the stacks downstairs preparatory to adding more space upstairs.  So they encouraged patrons to check out lots of books (so they wouldn't have to cart them down themselves) and gave us a very generous 6 week check-out period so that they wouldn't be swamped with all the books at once.  That's all well and good, but the 6 weeks is coming to an end and we haven't read all the books we had checked out - and yet M was itching to go to the library and get some new reading material.  I had taken some books to the book drop yesterday, but they hadn't been processed back in yet.  So today when we went I asked the librarians to please check in our books right away so we would have space on my card.  They checked in a bunch and said I would be in fine shape - I had 34 books still on my card, and thus space for 16 more.  Hah - they don't know M.  He found 20 books he wanted to check out (and only stopped there because I knew we were hitting the limit).  He wasn't too happy having to choose 4 books to leave behind today...



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