Tuesday, November 11, 2008

20 Years

Sorry for the hiatus, but once I haven't posted for a few days, then it seems like I'm way behind and I don't know what to post.

Anyway, D and I went to Houston over the weekend for our 20th college reunion from Rice. A friend had warned me that we might not see that many people we know - and in a sense that was true. But since D's brother and his wife (both Rice grads with us) and our friends from Houston (also both Rice grads) were all there, it didn't really matter if we saw other people we knew or not. Oh, we did run into other people we knew - some we all knew, some only some of us knew, most that one person knew and the others kinda-sorta recognized. Other than the friends/family we had talked to beforehand, there wasn't anyone there that I was really delighted to see.

But, still, it was fun. Relaxing! A weekend away from home, without the kids, with interesting people. And Rice even won the homecoming game. I think they are now 6-1 in conference and guaranteed a bowl bid. Though, as usual, the first half was better than the second half.

Half-time was fun. Rice has a tradition of naming unconventional homecoming king and queen. This year was no exception. Homecoming queen was a VP of some sort at the school. Homecoming king was Hurricane Ike! They had someone wearing a hurricane symbol running wildly around the field. The crowd loved it!

We got to eat Turkish food one night and Persian food the other - neither of which we can find easily around here. There are some around Atlanta, but not anywhere near where we live. The Turkish place, though, we walked to from Rice. We had walked from the hotel to campus and then after the alumni gathering we walked out to the village - it was the first place we saw and it looked good (and it was good).

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Shades of when we used to do the same kind of thing with the 5 items that had to end up in the story. xx -m

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