Sunday, November 02, 2008

iPod Touch

M finally saved up enough money to order an iPod touch. He was so excited! He really wanted to get 2 day shipping also, but alas, he didn't have enough money for that also.

So, we watched the tracking on the Fed*Ex website.

Mon: The order was processed
Tue: The package arrived in Sacramento
Wed: no change
Thur: no change, until late that night when it showed it arrived at Ellenwood
Fri: made it to local Fed*Ex facility, onto the truck for delivery by 7:50 am.

First thing out of M's mouth when he walks in the door at 4:30 is "Is it here?" No, not yet. Still not here at 5 or 5:30. Every time we hear a vehicle on the street, M peers out the window to see if its here. Finally, finally at just after 6pm, the truck arrives. M, A and I all leave the table (we were having dinner early due to trick-or-treating) to go get the package. The Fed*Ex guy is happy to see us - since it was Halloween, he said most of his late afternoon deliveries hadn't been home. In fact, he already had out the sticker to put on our door (since I had to sign for the package).

Quickly, M opens up the package and starts it charging. Then its back to the last bits of dinner.

In the past, trick-or-treating has always started around here right around 6 pm. It was getting dark by then and kids would be coming out in force. This year, though, I don't know if there was any official type notice/decision to start later, but we didn't see any kids until just after 7 pm. While we waited, A carved his pumpkin and M played with the iPod while it was still plugged in and charging.

Then came the surprise to me - M decided to stay home and play with the touch rather than go out trick-or-treating. I knew the day would come, but I thought he would still go out at least this year. In fact, he'd been planning on it, up until the iPod came so late on Halloween. So, he may still decide to go out trick-or-treating next year.

The other surprise to me (and seemingly it wasn't just me, but happened in various places around the country) was how few trick-or-treaters we got. We never get huge numbers of kids because we're on a dead end street down rather at the end of our subdivision. At first we thought that it was because our street was darker than usual - 2 vacant houses will do that. But then we heard that it was quieter throughout the neighborhood. D said that there were fewer houses participating (lights on) and fewer kids roaming the streets. I would guess that we got about 25 kids this year, compared to around 50 (maybe more) usually. Who knows why - Friday night, football games, family parties? Whatever it was, we ended up with a lot of extra candy.

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Blogger Carol P. said...

Wooohooo, go M! Toys over candy! I don't think my J would make that tradeoff quite yet....

Our Halloween was pretty light too, so S took the rest of the candy in to work this morning. Life's too short for cheap chocolate to be calling my name while I'm working, y'know?

10:45 AM  

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