Saturday, November 01, 2008

Happy Halloween photos

I realized on Wed night that it was only 2 days til Halloween and we didn't have any pumpkins yet. I had a minor hope that the kids would decide that pumpkins weren't really necessary this year, but no such luck. So, Thursday morning I headed out to buy pumpkins. Note - Oct 30th is not the best time for a good selection of pumpkins! But at least I found 2.

Neither kid could be bothered to work on his pumpkin on Thursday, but Friday afternoon A started working on his. I had warned both of them that I would be too busy Friday afternoon to help. And besides, at 9 and 12, they are really old enough to scoop pumpkin guts and carve a face.

Here's A scooping pumpkin guts.  

Since daylight savings got pushed back til after Halloween, it was still light after dinner.  So, since the trick-or-treating hadn't really started yet, A got busy carving his pumpkin, while in costume.

A's pumpkin.  Also note the scary deer skull between the pumpkins - A found it in the woods several years ago and it has lived on the porch ever since.
A the Bionicle, ready to go collect candy.

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