Tuesday, November 04, 2008

We got some free food

D and I each wore our "Georgia Voter" stickers today - we had actually voted early last week in fear of terribly long lines today. As it turns out, in our county over 50% of the people voted early, so the lines weren't bad. I drove past 2 polling places near us at about 5:20 pm and neither had many cars there - looked more like a local election than a presidential election.

D got his free Star*bucks this morning. They changed their policy on needing a voting sticker and anyone could get a free coffee.

Then my mom told me this afternoon that Dunkin Donuts was offering free donuts. I couldn't find anything on their website, but I called one near me and they said that they hadn't known anything about it until lots of people came in this morning saying it had been on Good Morning America. When I went to a different DD this afternoon, they didn't know anything about it, but they called the store I had called earlier and, sure enough, gave me a free donut. D is going to try to go by the first DD and get a donut for M tonight, after Scouts.

I wish I could have gotten the free ice cream, but the closest B&J's is probably 30 miles or more.

Now, it's on to election watching. They say coverage will start at 7, but its hard to see how they will have anything to report other than how long the lines have or haven't been yet!

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