Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Unproductive Christmas shopping

I spent 3 hours in the mall today and managed not to buy anything. It wasn't that I wasn't looking to buy, but I just didn't find anything that I liked (and thought was a reasonable deal). I was actually trying to buy a certain Christmas present, but couldn't find anything that I thought the recipient would like - at any price. Hmph. I may have to go hunting online or branch out to non-department stores.

I even had a free $20 gift card from the mall, but didn't manage to spend it. I did buy a few things from stores outside the mall, but they don't take the mall cards.

D and I need to have a discussion on what exactly I'm looking for for the kids so I can have a better focus when I go out shopping again.

It was very interesting at the mall as it was getting downright crowded in some department stores by noon, even though it is the middle of the week in November still - and everyone is complaining about the economy. Some of the smaller stores, though, had very few people in them.

I expect I'll be back at the mall at least once before Christmas. Although, maybe if I don't need to, I could skip the crowds and use the gift card in the relative calm and bargain of January.

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