Sunday, November 23, 2008

2008 Christmas List

We've been working off and on on the Christmas list for over a month now - and true to form from last year, M's list is the most detailed.

I'm sure we'll have updates to this - and if you are family, I'll email you when we have updates.

M's list
animaniacs DVDs
Wii games, maybe Mario Kart or others
manga-One Piece,
Nintendo DS game, Drawn to Life
iTunes gift card (!!!) - ! added by M
cold, hard cash
Computer Game, Spore
sketch pad, preferably spiral bound at the top

A's list
Nintendo DS game - Sonic Chronicles, the Dark Brotherhood
Wii, Legend of Zelda: the Twilight Princess (also for M)

(K & D)'s list
small ice cream maker - we have one that makes 5 qts. I want one that will make 1 or maybe 2 quarts - enough for the 4 of us - but not huge quantities
HD converter box for the TV - we have 2 TVs, no cable and no plans for it (much to the kids dismay)

K's list
blue terrycloth kitchen towels
reusable non-plastic water bottles (that fit in the car cup holders)  I'd like ones that have an opening big enough to put ice cubes in

D's list
he says he emailed people with 2 suggestions, but he didn't email me (and I've forgotten what they were)

For All
Leopard software for Mac



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