Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving

We're heading off in a bit to have Thanksgiving at my aunt's house.  It will and yet it won't be like Thanksgivings of my childhood.  It will be at a familiar location - my aunt's house, which before that was my great aunt's house.  But there will be many fewer people there - only 11 and I will know all of them.

When I was growing up, our extended family usually had Thanksgiving dinner together - all 40 plus people.  Invariably there was someone there I didn't know.  Maybe it was a cousin's college roommate who lived too far away to go home for the holiday.  Or someone's BIL or neighbor who would otherwise be alone.  a boyfriend/girlfriend/new spouse possibly as we got older.  But now, most of my generation has moved away and we haven't done this for a long while.  

I know many people remember sitting at the kids table as somewhat of a negative.  But when you have a full dozen kids there, there wasn't any negative to it for us.  It was fun - no adults to tell you to quiet down and listen.  No listening to your uncles debating politics.  Just kids/teens.  I don't remember not sitting at the kids table, but I suppose until the age of 5 or so, the kids had to eat with a parent.

What I remember is a gaggle of cousins with about a 9 year age range, though most of us were within 5 years of age.  Today I expect we'll all sit together, which will be nice as well.  And since the 4 kids range from 4 to 12, that's probably too big an age range for them to really have much in common.

I'm getting hungry just thinking about the turkey dinner....  

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