Saturday, June 13, 2009

Sleeping well

We all slept well and cool last night - and without the AC even.  Why?  Because we got a new attic (whole house) fan.  It was marvelous to have an attic fan again (our initial fan up and died last fall) and this new one is more powerful, so it creates even more of a breeze.  This morning the house was down to 72.  We had the windows closed up again by 9 and the house stayed below 80 all day.  Ahhh, so nice.  I think it might have hit 81 in the house just about the time we opened up the windows for tonight, but it didn't feel warm sitting in the living room with the ceiling fan on.

Tonight will be another cool, breezy night in our house.  I just have to remember to check that the fan will be on ALL night and not go off at 4 am like last night.



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