Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Good News/Bad News

Bad: A said he didn't feel so great at breakfast this morning.
Good: No fever, no throwing up, so off to school he went
Bad: 102 degree fever when he got home this afternoon, so no Scouts tonight and no school tomorrow

Good: M dressed nicely to give a presentation at school today
Bad: M called me just after he got to school saying he didn't have his flash drive.  I couldn't find it here or along the street
Good: M took the initiative to call transportation and have the bus driver search the bus.
More good: I finally found the flash drive (hiding in the USB port) and took it to school
Bad: M had realized just before leaving for school that he didn't have some info on his project that he needed
Good: M talked to the teacher this morning (well before class and when he was still missing the flash drive) and she said he could do his presentation tomorrow
More good: M added (most of) the missing info and practiced his presentation some
Bad (in M's opinion): M has to dress up again tomorrow (collared shirt)

Good: I found a missing library book
Bad: it was 2 weeks overdue

Bad: the cats evidently brought a bird into the house
Good: D managed to get it safely outside where it flew off, seemingly unharmed

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