Thursday, January 07, 2010


Well, yes, technically I think it is snowing now, not just sleet or "wintery mix", but it is a very light snowfall. It does not appear to us that school will be out tomorrow, but I suppose we won't really know until morning.

The weathermen have been playing up this storm for days now, with it slowly getting less and less predicted snowfall. As late as 2 pm today, the prediction was for it to snow for 7-8 hours. We have had off and on snow/sleet/winter mix since about 3 pm today, but the actual predicted snow has really just started. It will probably snow until about midnight. It has started sticking on the deck and on the holly leaves so far. I can't see much more than that (and the steps are starting to get icy).

Earlier today I predicted we wouldn't have school tomorrow, but because of ice, not snow. Now I think we will, but if not, I still think it will be for icy roads. Time will tell...



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