Friday, March 31, 2006

Happy Birthday (official) to my mom!

I started a trend with an official and observed birthday this year. Today is my mom's official birthday. But since we were busy with a yard sale today (more on that later), we postponed the celebration. We did have a bit of cake this afternoon, though (leftover cake from M's birthday on Sunday). And she and her sister went out to dinner. I hope they had a wonderful time.
My aunt came over to help with the sale and to sell some of her stuff as she has decided to make the big move to Texas, where 2 of my cousins live. We will miss her, but I know she misses being close to any of her kids and grandkids. The weeding out process of stuff is beginning.
The sale went well today. I sold the last big piece of furniture (that we were trying to sell) from my dad's estate - well, ok, except for the piano....I really have to do something about it, but at least it isn't filling up my mom's basement. The basement still looks fairly full, but I know a whole bunch of stuff went. Someone bought all the sippy cups - 16 of them. Gone. All gone. Yeah. Interestingly enough, we sold more men's clothes than kids clothes. I think more of the kid clothes will hit the 25 cent table tomorrow and if they don't sell then, most of them will be bagged for donation. I had really good luck with my clothes at the consignment sale, but the ones that aren't up to grade for it, need to go.
We will do the sale again tomorrow - I hope it doesn't rain. Rain was forecast for this afternoon and it threatened around 1, then backed off and got sunny. I sure hope its sunny tomorrow. We have most of our stuff inside, but rain sure cuts down on the buyers. And it gets pretty crowded inside if we can't put anything outside.


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