Monday, April 17, 2006

Taxes DONE

I finally got all the taxes in the mail around 11:30 (am not pm). I HATE doing taxes, especially trying to figure out new quirks in the tax law or confronting new situations. The tax instructions are clearly not meant to be interpreted by a layman (or laywoman in this case). I went round and round reading instructions, trying to determine what some of them meant.
Our taxes, that is D and I, married filing jointly, wasn't so much of a problem. Not fun, exactly, but no really new situations, just trying to find all of our various deductions.
This year I had 2 extra sets of taxes, though - for my dad and for his estate - that makes for 2 extra Federal and 2 extra state tax forms. Arrrgh. The ones for his estate seemed like they should be fairly straightforward - just interest from 2 sources, but I spent several hours trying to figure out what they meant where. I either messed them up or I gave them extra info they didn't want. I couldn't find where to put where the interest was coming from, so I gave them a Schedule B from a form 1040 to go along with my form 1041. I hope it doesn't come back to bite me.
And then there was my dad's taxes for Jan and Feb of 2005. I had thought I could just follow what the accountant did last year, but too much of it didn't make sense to me - there was some sort of carryover from last year - on a form I've never had to use. I had thought it was a good use of his money for him to pay the accountant and therefor I decided that it would be a good use of his money (inherited by me) to pay the acountant to do his taxes one final time. So, I filed for an extension and will be contacting the accountant next week (got to let him get a breather after tax day). I am heartily glad to have them DONE.


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