Saturday, April 15, 2006

Easter egg hunt at church

The Easter egg hunt at church was this afternoon. First we had the lighting of the Pascal candle, while the teens hid eggs. But hiding eggs took longer than the short service lighting the candle, so then the kids were hanging out in the parish hall. Here are M and a friend clowning around.

Then they decided to play some games. They did a relay of run, sit down and pop a balloon. Here's A trying to pop a reluctant balloon.

Next, M tried to get his balloon to pop.

Then finally it was time for the hunt. Everyone was sure to get plenty of eggs this year. For some reason not that many kids showed up - I think this was the least number of kids since we've been here (almost 7 years). We had 13 kids hunting - that is even fewer than the year when it was nasty rain and they had to do the hunt indoors.

A is quite happy to find an egg.

M is finding eggs here.

Notice M is carrying a bag of eggs. He has already filled up his basket (I'm carrying it) and has quite a few in his bag. When we saw how few kids there were (and knew how MANY eggs there were), most of the kids aquired a spare plastic bag or basket. I think they all overflowed their baskets, and if they didn't it wasn't due to a lack of eggs!


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