Thursday, April 06, 2006

My birthday - observed

Things were kind of hectic last week when it was really my birthday, so we moved the observance to today. I've done this in the past too, as having my birthday the day after M's tends to lead to chaos. Since spring break is usually the week after, it makes for a nice celebration time. This way D has a chance to go shopping, as do the kids. We don't have to worry about "hurry up and eat your cake, its time to go to bed". etc.
My mom fixed us a very nice dinner - spinach salad, asparagus, shrimp pasta & rolls. Yumm. Then for dessert, we finally used the coupon for an ice cream pie that we won over a year ago (at a church square dance). We would have used it earlier, but the store was a bit inconvenient. Anyway, I'm glad we saved it for a special occasion, as it turned out to be quite fancy.
We thought it was supposed to be an ice cream pie, but as you can see, it was an ice cream cake. It was quite nice. Chocolate cake with mint chocolate chip ice cream. Lots of fancy decorations, etc. Delicious!
I got some nice gifts too. A new note pad from M and a scrubby from A. A nice blazer from my mom, among other things. I think the thing I/we will enjoy most, though, is the new hammock from D. I'll have to take a picture once we get it up. It looks quite comfy, with an attached pillow even. Posted by Picasa


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