Sunday, April 02, 2006

Pollen season

I Hate pine pollen! Absolutely hate it. No, I'm not allergic to pollen, but the pine pollen gets into my eyes and under my contacts. I walk around looking weepy for a week or two every spring. Of course, it has to be right around my birthday and when the weather is really getting nice and I'd like to be outside. It's hard to enjoy being outside if it feels like there are clumps of dirt in your eyes. It's gotten quite warm here the past few days. I'd really like to have the windows open (and in fact we had one open earlier for some air), but can't create a cross-breeze or we get the dreaded pollen.
I really don't want to have to turn on the AC in the house this early in April - we'll see tomorrow, though, since I'll have an extra five 10 year old boys here for M's sleepover. Yes, we're having a sleepover on a Monday night - its Spring Break, though, so they have plenty of time to catch up on their lost sleep. I was having a hard time finding a Fri or Sat night that would work between baseball, soccer and church. One of M's friends had an 8am soccer game on Sunday morning. Yuck.


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