Sunday, May 14, 2006

A's check-up

I took A to the pediatrician Friday for his long-overdue 7 yo check-up. He hadn't been for a check-up in almost 2.5 years, so obviously he's grown a good bit. The nurse said "you're square" - he's 47 3/8 inches and 47.5 pounds. Woo-hoo! 47.5 pounds! That puts him squarly at 25% on height and weight. He's been around 25% for height for a while, so that looks like his curve, but at 5 he was still just below 10% for weight. I knew he was gaining a bit of weight since his pants aren't falling off him any more (even the slims used to fall off or threaten to do so). Most of his pants are still slims, but he can wear a few of M's regular hand-me-downs.
They've also transferred all their records to computer and do a rather thorough health screening - wanting to know about family health history back to the grandparents. I had to ask MIL today about some of it, I really didn't know. They also quizzed A and me about eating habits, sleeping, extra-curricular activities (do you have some but not too many), bike riding skills, reading habits, etc. I was pleased to be able to answer positively to almost everything. If the questions are the same for M, there may have to be some discussions about eating among others.


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