Sunday, May 07, 2006

Future Harvest

Our yard doesn't get very much sun (well, except the strip right out by the road), so its hard to grow veggies. We tried the first few years, but they never performed well. The green peppers never ripened until September (just before it got too cold for them to grow well) and the tomatoes produced sparsely. We tried cutting down a few small trees, pruning others, etc, but not much luck. So for a few years we contented ourselves with herbs. But we're back - we planted ONE small cherry tomato plant in a pot at the end of the driveway. I checked and it has little mini tomatoes - maybe not even so mini, given that they are cherry tomatoes after all.

It will be nice to have some fresh tomatoes, though I prefer big ones that I can put on sandwiches. A really likes the little ones. I predict that at least half these tomatoes will be eaten before they ever make it into the house.

Also our blueberries are setting fruit. We planted these a few years ago and last year we got about a dozen at a time (total off our 4 plants). The plants are getting bigger every year - maybe this year there will be enough for a good topping on cereal! Until then, there's always the U-pick place on the way to church.


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