Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Beta club

We were pleased when M was invited to join Jr. Beta club at school. Initially I had thought that you had to have almost all A's to be in Beta club, but it turns out that its "just" a 3.5 average and satisfactory conduct. This is obviously not too hard as 42 (out of about 110) 4th graders were inducted into Beta club Monday night. It was still very nice and the school made a big deal out of it. They told the kids that they all needed to dress up. Evidently (from talking to other moms) many of the girls went out and bought new dresses. And were happy to do so. M, on the other hand, was not happy to dress up. I'm not sure which he disliked more - tucking in his shirt or wearing a belt. He tried to insist that we wouldn't be able to see his belt, so he didn't need to wear one. Obviously, we could see his belt:

They called each child by name and they went to their teacher who lit their candle. While waiting for the rest of the kids to get their candles lit, M managed to catch his styrofoam cup on fire! Luckily another mom saw it and ran over and blew out the candle and the fire.
After the refreshments, we managed to get a semi-decent picture of all of us together. It only took about 5 tries.

After the ceremony, we went out to dinner. My mom had promised M that she would take him to a restaurant of his choice. He couldn't decide for the longest time, but he/we finally decided to go to Olive Garden. We had a nice dinner there, but ended up leaving a little later (almost 9) than I would prefer on a school night. That would have been okay, except...
On the drive home, along the interstate, we heard a strange noise - it sounded like a helicopter hovering just over our car. After a minute or two, we realized that the chances that a helicopter was hovering over us was extremely slim, and thought about other possibilities - like a tire. Yep, we could smell it as soon as we opened the door. I had pulled as far off the interstate as I safely could, but I still didn't want the kids to wait in the car. Given that it was dark, we had no flashlight, but do have AAA, we decided to call AAA and let someone else change the tire. So, while we waited for the tow truck, we all huddled way off the road. Only one problem - it was chilly. I had a sweater, but no one else did. A was in short sleeves. I used to keep a bag of spare clothes in the car - a holdover from potty-training days - that came in handy plenty of times. Alas, I took that bag and the spare blanket out of the car when I was trying to transport the HUGE load of Cub Scout popcorn last fall - and I never got around to putting it back in the car. (That has since been remedied.) So, I poked around in the car and found one "warmy-fleecy" (a fleece hand warmer) that A could stick most of both forearms in. And some plastic grocery bags - we poked holes in the bottoms and tried sticking them over the kids heads. They squirmed around enough that the bags ripped before long, but they did say they helped. A wanted one on his head too - sounds reasonable as they say that you loose a lot of heat through your head.



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