Sunday, May 07, 2006

haircut time again

M complained Friday morning, at breakfast, that his hair was too long in front and he needed it trimmed, NOW. Umm, no. We definitely don't have time on a school morning. But then it didn't seem to bother him after that. However, this afternoon I decided that we had time and it really was a bit long in front.

Now, he had a haircut less than a month ago, just before Easter, because I insisted on less scraggly. He wanted his hair left longer, but I'm not so good at leaving hair long - shorter is easier to do. I decided that maybe the barber could do a better job and I wouldn't have to listen to M complain because he didn't see any reason for a haircut. Well, D had to listen to him complain and fuss and squirm at the barber. Evidently M didn't like the barber any better than my cutting. So, today when I told him it was time, he came out willingly, told me how much he wanted off the front, then said "and shorter at my ears" and then "you can take some off the back too". Wow. Maybe the trip to the barber was what it took to remind him that I'm not such a bad barber. He was very cooperative. I think he realized that there's a reason why I usually cut it shorter as it gets warmer - he said he wanted less hair on top because it gets hot.
I tried to get a picture today, but all I got was the top of his head. I'll try again tomorrow.
Oh, and while I was barbering, D decided it was time for a haircut for him too. He didn't see the need for me to chronicle his haircut with a photo either. A said he didn't need a trim - and really he didn't - I cut his just before Easter and the haircut is still holding fairly well. He'll probably be ready for one just as school gets out - in 3 weeks!


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