Friday, May 05, 2006

Field Day for M

Today dawned dark and rainy. Not a good omen for 4th grade field day. I even sent an email to M's teacher asking if they were still planning on holding it. Yes, she says, as long as it doesn't start raining again. Hmmm, it dripped as I headed to school, but not much. I almost turned around and headed home, but decided that I would go and check anyway. Good thing, as they were outside getting started.
It was overcast by then and coolish, but the ground wasn't too wet and the kids were having fun. Each class was divided into 2 teams, red and blue, and then red from one class would play blue from another at each station - volleyball, whirly ball (sort of like whiffle ball, but you "pitch" to yourself), soccer and kickball.
Mid-way through the games, they took a break for drinks and snacks. They were certainly welcomed by the kids, though not as needed as they have been some years when we sweated buckets. M and his friend J are enjoying their snacks here.

I was stationed at the volleyball game. I discovered quite quickly that few of them were really any good at volleyball. Each team had about one player who could reliably serve. When that kid was serving, they tended to rack up 8 or 10 points. Otherwise it tended to switch serves frequently - like after each serve. I think the longest volley I saw was about 3 times back and forth.
Due to the variety of skills of players at serving, it was wise to duck out of the way of the serve!

Then they finished up with a tug-of-war.


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