Tuesday, June 06, 2006

more camp and a special dinner

Another day of camp today. A got a chance to play in the sandpile today and proclaimed that the best activity. M said his favorite was woodworking, where he built a stool. Sounds like a good time was had by all. A brought home his shorts and underwear that had been lost yesterday. I would guess that they fell into the pool yesterday - they were sopping wet! They had been in a grocery bag, wrapped up in his towel and I would guess that as he grabbed the towel, the bag of clothes fell into the pool - or something like that. M's clothes haven't shown up yet, so I suppose a trip to the lost & found is in order.

We finally got to enjoy D's birthday dinner tonight. His first choice restaurant had been closed on his birthday, so we went tonight (not being a Sunday or Monday they were open). We called first to make sure, though. It is NOT a health food restaurant - virtually everything is fried. Though not everything as M and A pointed out - we did not have fried water or fried salad. Or slaw (which seemed to be cabbage and pickles). M's grilled cheese wasn't fried either, but its still high fat. D had perch, like his dad had when we took them there on a visit - hmm, maybe 2 1/2 years ago. D says its still good. My mom had small catfish - she had forgotten that the catfish would likely not be fillets as well as the trick to filleting them before you eat. It reminded me of learning this trick from my parents when I was about 12 and quite surprised at "all those bones" in my fish. I had a seafood platter, which I knew would be too much food, but it was the only way I saw to get deviled crab. It was delicious! So was the rest of my meal, but the crab was the best - and that's saying something knowing how much I love shrimp. The big shrimp were great and the popcorn shrimp were a bonus (the menu didn't mention them). A had trouble deciding between the popcorn shrimp and the catfish strips. He ended up ordering the shrimp and loved them. I gave him a bit of my catfish strip and he loved it too. He even enjoyed my oyster (I don't like oysters - never have - but I don't eat them anymore after the time one disagreed strongly with me). A very enjoyable evening for all.


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