Thursday, June 08, 2006

Another tooth gone

A's 2nd front baby tooth has been loose for a while. Here he is trying to poke it out to show how loose. (click on the image if you want a better view).

So, I wasn't surprised when I picked him up from camp yesterday to hear that it was really loose - like hanging by a thread loose. As we're pulling out, I got a running commentary.

A: Look, I can turn my tooth around.
me: Oh my.
A: Look, now I can turn it all the way around
me: yes, amazing
A: Guess what?
me: Did your tooth come out?
A: No, but I can make it go diagonal.
me: Wow.
A: (a few minutes later) It came out.
me: I'm not surprised. I figured it wouldn't make it til dinner.

It's just as well it came out on the drive or I would probably be showing you a picture of a tooth hanging by a thread (and its not a very pretty image). But instead you get the toothless grin. There is plenty of space there for the new tooth, luckily. And its already peeking through the gum.


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