Sunday, June 04, 2006

Good eating today

Men's group at church cooked breakfast - yumm. D was on French toast duty. I had a piece of that as well as some eggs, bacon, grits and a biscuit. Oh and some fresh fruit.
Then after church it was the church picnic for Pentecost. D got roped into cooking for that also - hotdogs, hamburgers and veggie burgers. Plus everyone brought a dish. My contribution - my old standby, boxed mac&cheese. It's something I know M will eat. I have seen M go through a buffet line too many times, ending up with chips and a brownie on his plate and nothing else. So, I whip up the mac&cheese and know that he will have something else to eat. I think he was a bit full from breakfast, though, as he didn't eat much lunch (and of course, then was hungry an hour after we came home). I wasn't SO hungry at lunch either, so I ate a small lunch and managed just fine til dinner. I do hope that breakfast and lunch at church don't overlap again anytime soon. I enjoy both, but I'd rather spread out my enjoyment.
I just realized that I failed in my supervisory duties this morning - I forgot to watch him at the bacon station - he's been known to take 7 pieces at once. Umm, NO, that's too much. I know he likes, no, LOVES, bacon, but that's just too much.
In a little bit here, or whenever M declares he's hungry, he'll be finxing us dinner - spaghetti. He wanted to cook spaghetti a few nights ago when we were having chicken taco soup, but... no. He had to try the meal we had. But I had told him then that he could cook us all spaghetti one night soon. And tonight was the night.

It was quite good. We told him that the next dinner he cooks needs to be something other than Italian (or at least other than pasta). He'll get another dinner duty in a week or two.


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