Monday, June 05, 2006

Cub Scout Day Camp

Today was the first day of day camp. Both boys had a good time. The weather is beautiful - warm, but not hot - upper 70's. M says his favorite activity was building a sandcastle. A said his was waterplay (supersoakers and such). They also went swimming. A was all excited because he knew at least 3 other boys there - one from our pack and 2 from school were in his den.
I dropped them off this morning - a few minutes late - I thought dropoff was at 8. No, it was between 7:30 and 8. They were there before 8:05 though. Camp was over at 3 and D picked them up this afternoon around 3:15. "You're late" says M. "We're the last car riders." I didn't think that they could load all the kids in 15 minutes, but evidently they did. I guess we need to move things up a bit tomorrow.
Tomorrow we also get to go on the hunt for their clothes! They were supposed to wear their swimsuits and take shorts and underwear - which they did. BUT, somehow they both lost their shorts and underwear. I called the camp director this afternoon and he said they will hunt for it tomorrow. I hope it is floating around camp somewhere.


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