Thursday, August 31, 2006


The cats have taken to dragging in various critters to "play" with. Usually its a cockroach or moth.

Or in this case, I think it was a cricket that Shadow is playing with in his cube.

At some point, though, yesterday or overnight, one of the cats brought in something considerably larger:

And it died under the sofa. Ewwww! I had noticed something smelled a bit in the living room earlier in the day, but it wasn't too noticable from the computer. When I sat down on the sofa to go over the kids homework - Yuck. I had M get a flashlight and look under the sofa. He didn't see much, but there was definitely a stench. So I opened up the hide-a-bed and took a look and that is what I found. Ewwww again. It was partially under the bed part and the only way to really see it was with the bed at about a 45 degree angle. So, how to remove it? I finally put on a rubber glove, then put a plastic bag over my gloved hand and picked it up. I quickly pulled the bag over the mouse and stuck it all in the trash and had A take the trash bag directly to the garbage can outside.

I wish the cats would play with their little friends OUTSIDE. I had a talk with both of them about it, but I doubt it will do any good.


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