Sunday, September 10, 2006

M and the ice cream sundae

M had an activity with the youth group at church this afternoon. They ate a sack lunch, made some friendly cards, and visited an assisted living facility. Then they finished off with a trip to Bruster's ice cream. I packed M a lunch and gave him some money for ice cream. Unfortunately, I didn't have ones with me, so I gave him a $5 and told him I expected change. Now M has been to Bruster's before - he knows what he usually gets - a single cone or a kid sundae (both the same price, less than $3). Both PLENTY of ice cream, almost more than he can eat in a sitting. I told the leader that I had given him $5, but that he was supposed to get a single or kid sundae. So when he gets home (my mom picked him up for me), what do I find?? He has ordered a LARGE brownie sundae and spent the entire $5. And still has a big bowl of sundae with him.

I was not happy. I told M that that wasn't what he was supposed to get and that he owed me the rest of the money. I called Bruster's and got the price for a single cone, $2.50, and M handed over the money. Based on his lack of complaints/arguments, I'm quite sure that M knew very well that he had overstepped his bounds. We put the ice cream in the freezer - he had some more of it for snack tonight. But there is still enough for at least 2 more servings of ice cream.

Meanwhile, A had free (to him) ice cream for snack tonight.


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