Tuesday, September 12, 2006

A's math

A has been coming home with some cutesy little math sheets. Today he brought home one he did in class last week. Addition to 9 or 10. Color all the 9's orange and all the 10's green. Yesterday he brought home a sheet to finish that was subtraction, with coloring - I think it had 4 different colors (one per number). Whoop-de-doo. A was still coloring his sheet (he's slow at coloring because/therefore? he doesn't like it), but he said it was "way easy".

I made up a math sheet for him - first double digit addition and subtraction without borrowing/carrying, then with. Then some triple digit addition. He handled it all easily, even when his answer went into the thousands, like 715 + 715. He said it was all easy.

Obviously I need to talk to his teacher about this. I'm thinking I may wait to talk to her at our conference next week, but it's very tempting to discuss it earlier. If I have an opportunity at the school I probably will. I really hope that she will be willing to find some more challenging work for him (and preferably without coloring).


Blogger Carol P. said...

Ugh, don't get me started on math instruction! E came home with the first Investigations sheet yesterday for kindergarteners. I'm supposed to help her count things (which she's been doing for, oh, 2 years now). Time to go order Singapore for her too.

And I've heard horrible things about middle school math for all but one set of middle schools here, plus high school geometry doesn't include proofs much anymore.

I think I'm in the math tutoring biz for the forseeable future. Or until the school district wakes up and follows the new NCTM standards to teach the basics directly already.

10:22 AM  
Blogger Katherine said...

Geometry doesn't include any proofs here, as far as I can tell. Boo hoo. I LIKED proofs. Plus they are going to some sort of 'continuous math' where you get some algebra and geometry each year, not in separate years. In itself that wouldn't be so bad, but now kids aren't allowed to jump ahead and get algebra in 7th grade. Yeah, an extra year of math stagnation in middle school... IMO there is only about a year of new math info between mid 4th grade and pre-algebra (took 3 LONG years for me).

6:26 PM  

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