Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Popcorn time

It's that time of year again.... Cub Scout popcorn sales. The kids got their packets last week and have been out selling popcorn. The "official" day to start selling was Sept 1. A has turned into quite the little salesman. He asked to go out selling on Sat, Sun, and Mon. Plus they both sold at the football game Friday night and church on Sunday. He has sold to 37 people for a total of over $500. Way to go A!

Today was the first day A didn't sell. He did gave a demo of his technique at our Scout meeting tonight.

"Hi, I'm selling popcorn to support the Cub Scouts. Would you like to buy some?" - said all happy and smiley and with a positive attitude (something we discussed in our meeting tonight).

M, OTOH, hasn't been quite as interested in selling. He is just as interested in the prizes, though. Somethings got to give - I don't believe anyone is going to walk up and ask M if they can buy several hundred dollars worth of popcorn. I've told M that if he's not going out selling, I don't want to hear complaining that "A has taken all the good customers" or that "I would have more sales if A wasn't selling".

A has had VERY few people turn him down. Out of the neighborhood, he had one "can we think about it", one "I can't eat popcorn", and two "try back tomorrow when my mom is home" (one we did and mom bought). He did have some people turn him down at church, though, mostly because there were 4 Scouts selling Sunday morning and someone else got to them first.

I expect there will be some more days of selling on both kids parts in the coming weeks.


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