Monday, December 18, 2006

Early Christmas

Since we're going to VA for Christmas, we decided to have a mini Christmas here early with my mom. That way there's less to lug up and back with us and we all get to see each other open presents.

We had a fish stew for dinner - its not quite the same as the bouillabaisse (sp?) that we tended to have at Christmas when I was a kid (my mom says that D's version is much easier to make) - but it certainly has the same idea and it says Christmas to me. Plus all of us, except M, enjoy it.

Here are the elves, raring to go get presents.

They insisted that they had to have the Santa hats in order to elf properly.

The living room in the aftermath. And this was only a fraction of the gifts that we will all receive. This was just gifts from our family to my mom and from her to all of us. We're taking our gifts within our family with us.

A is really enjoying the new jacket from my mom (while reading his new Garfield comic book). The jacket is very soft inside. M got one too.

The cats think the jackets are very comfy - Shadow tried to groom M's jacket.


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