Tuesday, December 26, 2006

popping in from VA

We're up here in VA visiting with D's family. Having a lot of fun, everyone is here. The kids (and D and Uncle D) are playing with their new Heroscape game that came from Uncle D and Aunt K (they get the most interesting games each year for the kids). Heroscape isn't quite my cup of tea, but the kids love it and D is willing to play with them. D says that the kids are able to play on their own, so maybe they will at home.

My arms (especially the left) are a bit sore from all the air hockey we've been playing. Aunt K got an air hockey table for Christmas 2 years ago when we were last here. I didn't get to play it then, but have been challenged to many games this time. The kids say I need to play left-handed (hence the sore left arm) against them to even things up a bit. I can still beat them both, but some games get quite close.

There were many other wonderful gifts, but the best part is being with family. I'll post more and some pictures from it all once we've gotten back home. But tomorrow we're off into DC to do a little sight-seeing.


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